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"Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science"

“When You have fun then you’re more interested in learning.”- Magnus Carlsan

Benefits of learning code at early age:

  • Improves problem solving skills

  • Enhances logical thinking

  • Stimulates Creativity and imaginations

  • Strengthen the ability to build

  • Provide Competitive Advantage

  • Widens the career opportunity

  • Increases Focus and Concentration

  • Improves presentation skills

We know you want to know more, so why not try us! With our exciting Bootcamp, we provide the “Introduction to world of coding” course for FREE!

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Want to help your Kid Prepare for the Future with CodeCalculus?

Technology is the future, and we make the way for it for your kids. Through which they will be able to navigate through the digital world with self-dependent learning and advancement.