Refund and Cancellation Policy

1. The customer can cancel the course subscription due to dissatisfaction from the course within 30 days for which they would have to speak to the customer care and explain the reason for cancellation.

2. If the customer reaches out to cancel the LIVE sessions due to some problem with the trainer, then the trainer would be replaced with other available trainers at that point in time.

3. The refund, if processed, will be initiated immediately from CodeCalculus end, however it might take time for money to be credited to your account as per the processing time of the payment gateway and your bank SLA.

4. Any fees if deducted during the payment/refund processing will be reduced from the refund amount.

5. No refund will be applicable to any courses of less then 30 day duration in case of cancellation.

6. Registration Fee associated to Event courses which will be less then 30 day duration will not be refunded.